Designed for a changing world – and reflective of the moment – the Spring Couture collection explores the co-existence of freedom and restraint. A symphony of embroidery techniques and diaphanous textiles is inspired by the ornate engravings, vaulted gateways and ceilings of renaissance-period architecture and elements of Mughal India to create a collection that is exuberant yet timelessly elegant.

Some of my personal favorites are below:


Couture - Misha Lakhani
1. Aphrodite W/ Dupatta & Lehenga

Couture - Misha Lakhani
2. Choli W/ Lehenga & Dupatta

Couture - Misha Lakhani
3. Choli W/ Ghagra & Dupatta

4. Kalidar W/ Lehenga


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